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"Walk This Way©1975 Tyler, Perry

Here's Dave Rody performing one of American classic rock's most recognizeable beats by Aerosmith's groove master Joey Kramer. This hit single off of the 1975 album Toys In The Attic features a funky kick, snare and hi hat pattern that drives the song's infectious guitar riff.

"Highway To Hell"  ©1979 Angus Young, Malcolm Young & Bon Scott

Here's Dave laying down Highway To Hell, one of hard rock's biggest hits from down under. AC/DC's Phil Rudd is known for his rock solid tempos. Often confused as simplistic, some of Phil's "fills" are actually more complex than you may think.

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"Hallowed Be Thy Name"  ©1982 Steve Harris

In this video Dave demonstrates the fierce heavy metal rhythmic patterns of Iron Maiden's late drummer Clive Burr. Hallowed Be Thy Name from Iron Maiden's third studio album, Number Of The Beast is the last album to feature Burr's drumming.

"Sails Of Charon"  ©1977 Ulrich Roth

In this demonstration Dave takes on the drum stylings of Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell on Sails Of Charon, an epic track from German hard rock pioneers Scorpions 1977 album Taken By Force.

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