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Drum Lessons Unlimited Las Vegas Reviews

Drum Lessons Testimonials

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Drum Lessons Unlimited knows how to bring out the best in our students. Whether you're a beginner or a touring professional, we're here to help you explore everything that the world of drumming has to offer. From rudiments and theory, to chops and tone, our goal is to help you tap into your "UNLIMITED" potential! Check out what our students have to say about Drum Lesson Unlimited...


"For the past two years Dave Rodenhiser has been a wonderful and invaluable drum teacher for our ten year old son. Calming, kind, and good-natured, he is completely thorough yet still easy-going. Indicative of Dave's initiative and commitment to learning, he has written a helpful bound notebook for his students to supplement his teachings. Judging from our son's learning trajectory, Dave is an awesome teacher of this multifaceted instrument."

Dr. Jennifer Uhl


"We enthusiastically recommend Dave Rodenhiser as a drum teacher. His expertise, talent and patience promotes a love of music and learning in his students. Our son looks forward to his lessons every week!"

- Leslie and Bob Clark


"Dave is the best thing that ever happened to our 10 year old son's musical education.  Dave is a perfect educator with his vast knowledge of drumming, as well as his calming, comforting character.  He is truly an educator that enjoys teaching, for the enhancement of his students abilities to play this fantastic instrument.  He is always reliable and a welcomed visit to us every week."

- Lisa & Sal Tringali


"Dave is the best drum teacher ever on the planet!  In two years he's taught me so much.  I'm so glad he is my teacher.  I can't wait for my lessons every week, because he shows me so much stuff in just 45 minutes.  I love having lessons with him.  I think anyone who has Dave for a teacher is very lucky!"

- Domenic Tringali


"I started taking drum lessons from Dave three years ago with my son, Jared.  At the time I was 36 and Jared was 10.  Over these three years I have learned so much from Dave. He has captured Jared's attention (which is no easy task) and has him developing into an exceptional drummer while having a great time doing it !  This is due to his ability to make learning easy.  Dave is an expert drummer and his easy going, patient style and enthusiasm makes the weekly hour we spend a great experience.  Dave is the consummate professional, arriving at my home always on time and always prepared with new music to learn, whether it is rudiments, syncopation techniques or playing rock and roll ! He is great at breaking down the skills into understandable parts.  He allows me to set my own goals and is flexible in helping me achieve them.  I could not have asked for a better learning experience.  He is one of the nicest guys around and I highly recommend Dave for someone who wants to learn the skill but really enjoy the art." 
- Jeff Miller


"Sara has been taking lessons with Dave for over a year.  She has learned how to read drum music and is playing songs.  She enjoys Dave’s teaching style and it shows in her enthusiasm to continue her lessons and learn move.  We would highly recommend Dave to anyone." 
- Jeff & Diane Sullivan


"Drumming with David for the past three and a half years has sparked a true passion for music in our son. Dave's talent, knowledge, professionalism and teaching ability have created an enthusiastic musician who plans to continue learning and playing for years to come."

- Judy Gardiner


"Dave has been teaching our son drum lessons for a few years now.  We have noticed that Dave has many talents to interact with and encourage his students to learn how to play the drums for fun and enjoyment.  He has an enthusiastic and charismatic personality that his students like.  Our son enjoys taking the drum lessons with Dave.  Our son has been thriving in his drum skills every lesson.  As parents, we are fortunate to have Dave for our son’s drum instructor.  If you are looking for the Best Drum Instructor for your children, we strongly recommend Dave."

- Saravuth & Monidara (Audom’s parents)


"Dave Rody is a great drum teacher and I would recommend him to any person that needs help in drumming.  Also, he is patient and has transcribed many songs and you can learn the notes by the way he writes them out.  He is a great person and I like him a lot."
- Rocco Vigorito


"My name is Sandra and David has been giving drum lessons to my daughter Marisa for over three years now. She has learned many techniques from David.  He is a very patient and attentive teacher.  He is a good listener and is willing to teach Marisa some of her own tastes in drumming.  I would highly recommend David to teach anyone at any level.  He is very kind and accommodating."

- Sandra


"As a former music teacher, I appreciate Dave’s clear method of instruction and his ability to motivate my sometimes reluctant pre-teen. His ability to convey a sense of rhythm and his excellent skills as a musician make him a truly excellent drum teacher."

- Nora F.


"For the past 2 years, David has worked with our son and has gotten him to truly enjoy playing the drums. 
His patience and enthusiasm are a testament to his love of the music and teaching. We are very pleased with our son’s progress and look forward to his continued success under David’s supervision."

- Stuart R.


"I started taking lessons from Dave when I was 13.
When I started I knew absolutely nothing. There was nothing more exciting then going to my lessons and playing on a real kit right from the beginning. Dave is a great teacher, who took the extra time to help me learn and get anything I was stuck on. When I got my first drum kit he came to my house helped me put it together and tune it. I'm 20 now and he has always been very supportive about advancing my skills as a musician whether it be on drums, playing in a band, or audio production. Dave is an all around great guy and I would recommend him to ANYONE!!!
- Andrew H


Dave is a very nice guy. He drives all the way up to my house at a reasonable price. His lessons are very informative and beneficial. His lessons are necessary to any drummer's path to musical excellence. I myself would recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs a drum teacher.
- Alex Caffi


Let me start by saying my name is Frank, I'm 31 and a Licensed Customs Broker.  When I decided, about a year ago, to follow a child hood dream of playing drums I did a lot of research and I met with a lot of drum teachers in my area.  When I met Dave he immediately put my mind at ease because I had this fear that maybe my golden time to play drums had long since passed.  I thought that you started learning an instrument when you're young and had dreams of wanting to be a rock star, not a working professional who just wanted to do it as a fun new hobby.  But on our first meeting Dave told me that I wasn't even his oldest student, nor was I the oldest person he knew who had just started playing drums.  He told me that hard work and dedication can overcome any obstacle.  So I took one lesson with him that day and I took a few lessons with other teachers that I had spoken too.  I decided to go with Dave because of his laid back, easy going attitude and his uncanny ability to understand what I meant, even if I wasn't using proper musical terminology, and the ease with which he was able to break things down into smaller much simpler parts for me to start rocking almost immediately.


Dave goes above and beyond as a teacher, if I'm having trouble with a groove or need help with some sticking techniques or odd bass drum patterns he's right there always patient and always inspiring me to keep working and trying harder.  He'll get right in there and play along with you so you can hear the beat as well as see it on the music sheet.  It's these qualities and many more that allow me to say that in my opinion Dave is the best teacher in this area.



Dave is the best drum teacher I could possibly have. Some teachers tell you what to do but he listens to you and teaches the songs you want to learn. I have been with him for about two years and there's no reason to stop now. He has been a great influence on me.
- Matt P.


Zachary had a far better experience with you than his first teacher (I thought he’d never play again after that!)  Will you please keep me on your dist. list?  I hope to be able to take lessons when my “Zachary expenses” calm down.  I sure hope you’ll be teaching then!  Best wishes to you in all your endeavors.

- Michael



Dave is a great teacher. He is kind and gentle and funny. Playing drums is so much fun, and he shows you what you need to know to enjoy it as much as you can. I am lucky to have him as my teacher. :)
- Professor Valerie Carnevale




My 15-year-old son has taken lessons with Dave for a couple of years and he really enjoys working with him.  His skills have improved tremendously while studying under Dave and, most importantly, his enthusiasm for drums and percussion has continued to grow.  Dave is very reliable and professional, and he has gone out of his way on many occasions to accommodate our schedules and the needs of my son.  I would strongly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a drum instructor.

- Jim DiNardo



Dave has a special gift in that he understands that everyone learns differently and he has hand tailored some very creative techniques to assist Zak in grasping new beats or concepts.  Dave’s patience and laidback teaching style have helped my son to really grasp “the language of drumming”.  Zak enjoys drumming and he genuinely looks forward to his weekly lessons with Dave.  Seeing how proud my son is of his drumming ability, brings me great pleasure.  Dave, thanks for all you do and never stop thinking outside the box!

- J Dawn Thompson President of Medical Research & Database Svcs., Inc. & proud mother of a drummer boy (not necessarily in that order)

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